In September 8th a day before the ten main funds net inflow of stocks mmc.exe

In September 8th, A shares the main net inflow of funds for half a day before the ten stocks of A shares in September 8th for funds the main net inflows top ten stocks in the card network as of September 8th midday, 330 stocks to fund the main net inflows in the amount of 10 million yuan or more, of which half BNBM main net inflow of 346 million yuan of funds topped the Sichuan Shuangma main net; the inflow of funds 297 million yuan followed; Han Jian and the main net inflow of funds 286 million yuan, ranked third. In September 8th, A shares the main net inflow of funds for a long time before the 10 stock price. The main net inflows (billion) the main net inflow rate of BNBM 9.28%3.4638.57% 10.00%2.9755.60% Heshan Sichuan Shuangma Han Jian 9.99%2.8643.45% Antarctic electricity supplier 10.01%2.5435.61% Vanke A2.06%1.837.78% Moen 5.12%1.8138.55% gas business 6.35%1.8026.37% Gansu power investment 9.99%1.8037.87% Jia Linjie 9.95%1.7992.27% 5.53%1.7125.14% Joincare相关的主题文章:

Blue moon fun brother three service opening win Honglei Sun limited set brock lesnar

"Blue moon" fun brother three service opening win Honglei Sun brother Honglei Sun will open the service limit set in September 28th third, the long-awaited Honglei Sun custom suit will also beat the big brother three service starting! Special service privilege activities open again, open service to send gold, send equipment. Limited suit + exclusive activities, only in big brother three. Hook up or not! Big brother three service appointment address: "blue moon" big brother three fun Open Exclusive ingot feast than the hand speed, than luck, than the strength of big brother three open service immediately send gold, twenty lucky game player each created the first role of giving the first charge of one thousand gold, than is the hand speed! On the first day of 70, randomly selected twenty game player sent a total of nearly seventy thousand yuan, than is luck! Open service seven days fighting competition, the top five hundred thousand gold awards! Also for senior repair Dan and meritorious service, is the strength ratio! The exclusive gold feast than the hand speed, than luck, than the strength of spirit three big brother take cities and seize territory to open service seventh days at noon, will reach the 80 level in all the selected twenty lucky game player in the game player, get attribute potion, achievement token, Dragonsoul fragments respectively. The siege after the opening, three times before the occupation of Wangcheng’s gang president will be handed down spirit and gold awards! Honglei Sun Honglei Sun set limit officially starting limit set before starting "blue moon" official fun had news release, Honglei Sun will custom suits, suit pattern and one of the first to experience the event also launched simultaneously. In the forum rob floor activities, activities of replies as many as more than 6 thousand, a total of twenty lucky game player won the Honglei Sun custom suits the first to experience the opportunity, prizes will be distributed, please wait patiently. Honglei Sun Honglei Sun will set limited sample set is defined in the first episode of big brother three in service, seven days before the opening service capability three game player will reward a Honglei Sun suit, missed the forum to experience the activities of the game player who must seize the chance of big brother three! It is fun to play "brother blue moon is a blue moon" by Honglei Sun endorsement of the legendary classic game, breaking the previous legendary game shackles, the classic version of you again, to bring a new game player game experience. "Naughty blue" official website: Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章:

The Canadian delicacy Festival, so delicious! – Sohu to eat and drink liuxiaobo

The Canadian delicacy Festival, so delicious! Sohu and the return of the king, is a lobster season, a "male athlete" lobster temperament monologue: in full in the mouth, take you 76 hours in "fresh" environment. Early autumn in Shanghai, the group produced the general manager Mr. Chen Zhanhua suggested, can use the method of Chinese food is iced fresh lobster in canada. A lobster is the most classic eat lobster claws, dismembered, exposed firm chewy meat. Eat well, eat the crab to Gan, can dip the ration of sauces, some eat crabs vu. A Canadian Lobster is absolutely the long-awaited appearance, beautiful plate showing "beautiful Wan in the gas field. The lobster from the country of "Maple Leaf", produced in the Atlantic coast of Canada pure cold water and deep sea, because of slow growth, a 3 pound lobster, age at least 20 years old. The lobster is boarding from the coast of Canada, and it takes only 76 hours to get to Shanghai’s table. In the lobster season, eat a lobster, the price is only 138 yuan (about 600 pounds per gram), not only some sigh and smile. Everyone in the face of such magnificent colorful lobster assorted cold dishes are love, have used the camera to keep the beautiful moments of delicacy. Unconsciously attracted by food, let the phone before eating". Lobster is always the most popular assorted cold dishes, this appearance has been inviting. The team put lobster meat processing is very good, half cut, has been exposed to white mouthwatering lobster, lobster can see full cream. Of course, the use of a lobster sauce is a special tone similar to the autumn crab sauce, black special ginger sauce, vinegar sauce flavor, and sweet with a little fresh, Chaozhou flavor. Lobster pliers has relative fatness, the chefs have to shell and meat processing is convenient, retains the original ecological fresh and glossy, looks like a stunner, especially easy to eat. The group produced the general manager of the Department, China chef, Mr. Chen Zhanhua, the site layout, arrange the delicacy tasting food festival. Delicacy correspondent white sister interview the general manager of the Department of product characteristics and advantages for Chinese brother, Canada delicacy, of course, more important is to know how to cook delicious. Heat is a Canadian Lobster? Especially warm taste this delicacy is far from deep-sea coral clam, is the first time I have the opportunity to taste. The coral mussel is the internal organ of the Canadian Red sea cucumber, which is named after the appearance of an orange red color. Exceptionally delicious, the current domestic sales and consumption is not large, because the approval is still in progress. The occasional taste of the market is the food festival and the exhibition, brought in samples. Canada frozen coral clam, rising in recent years, the trend of food texture, refreshing, coral clam with rich nutrition, no cholesterol and fat, taste fresh and sweet and crisp. Many people take it for granted that coral mussels must be related to corals. Coral mussels are not mussels, but the sea cucumber intestines, which is commonly known as sea cucumber tendons. Coral mussel is the inner membrane of sea cucumber相关的主题文章:

Chinese bridge supplier conference held in Wuhan to build a world-class Bridge Construction Corps –

Chinese bridge supplier conference held in Wuhan to build a world-class Construction Corps – Beijing, Beijing, Wuhan, September 13 (Xu Jinbo Zhang Jingding 13, China aoan) from around the world hundreds of excellent suppliers gathered in Hubei Wuhan bridge, to jointly promote the mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation, the development of a new type of partnership, so as to create a world-class Chinese construction corps. Allegedly, this is the first large-scale supplier of China’s bridge industry event held. Hosting the conference by the supplier Chinese bridge industry leader – China Railway Bridge Bureau, has attracted Sany, ZOOMLION, XCMG and other domestic engineering machinery leading enterprises, well-known enterprises in Wuhan Steel shares, Gezhouba Dam cement and domestic building materials, and various labor service companies. We have excellent supplier preferential policies, jointly promote the construction of bridge construction technology innovation, optimization of equipment procurement and leasing model, the establishment of mutual trust and mutual benefit and win-win mechanism and other issues to discuss exchanges. General manager of China Railway Bridge Bureau said Hu Hanzhou, born in the construction of "Yangtze River Bridge" — Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge Railway Bridge Bureau, more than 60 years, to achieve the conquest of insurmountable from across the rivers and lakes, the construction of large span bridge construction or modernization of more than 90% of the domestic, and hit many wonders of the world, making the bridge industry a new name card China to the world "". Close cooperation across each step Chinese bridge industry all cannot do without bridge business and excellent supplier. For example is the construction of the Pingtan bridge project, the bridge all the year round in the big wind, big waves, strong corrosion and other harsh environmental factors, Zhejiang Zhongrui heavy Polytron Technologies Inc and Bridge Bureau jointly carry out scientific and technological research, the successful design developed with large torque and large diameter full face rock drilling rig into 5000 hole ability, has played alternative role for the successful completion of construction tasks. It is through cooperation with nearly 3000 suppliers, leading the China Railway Bridge Bureau the Chinese bridge straddles the river, into the Legion mountains, toward the ocean, the construction of the world’s longest cross sea bridge – Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge, the largest span of Tianxinzhou bridge – Shanghai railway, Yangtze River bridge’s first China open sea rail bridge — Pingtan Strait Bridge, the world’s largest double span suspension bridge — Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge Yang Si Hong Kong and the world’s largest span highway and railway suspension bridge five Yangtze River bridge mountain and a number of world-renowned bridge engineering. Hu Hanzhou pointed out that at present, the bridge industry is facing Chinese financing system reform, in-depth implementation of PPP project; implementation of supply side structural reforms, the low-end production capacity to accelerate the exit; "The Belt and Road national strategic opportunities, overseas market risk such as new opportunities and challenges, more mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation, to develop new partners the relationship, work together to build a world-class China construction corps. The same day, China Railway Bridge Bureau on the "integrity, innovation, mutual benefit and win-win" concept, the screening of 110 excellent suppliers from thousands of suppliers in recognition, aims to build a good platform for exchanges and cooperation between the industry, the comprehensive strength of display suppliers, encourage suppliers to adhere to integrity management, adhere to innovation driven, promote mutual benefit and achieve win-win situation.)相关的主题文章:

Big data warning make telecommunications fraud undetected — communication chan tinyos

Big data warning   make telecommunications fraud undetected — communication channel — original title: big data for early warning telecommunications fraud undetected to select the number of markers, big data techniques that combat telecommunications fraud from the side, may be a new way to faster, the lower and higher efficiency very worthy of further exploration and promotion. Inner Mongolia public security remind you: the number has been marked as a fraud call, please listen carefully!" When the mobile phone users to answer or call suspected fraud number, the user’s mobile phone screen will display the above information synchronization. This set by China Mobile Inner Mongolia Co., Ltd. research and development of fraud telephone warning system on-line operation. Inner Mongolia Public Security Bureau, said the system is Inner Mongolia’s first telephone fraud warning system, has marked more than 400 million telephone fraud. Recently, how to effectively curb telecommunications fraud, attracted a big discussion of the whole society. To prevent the disclosure of the identity information from the source, idea is correct, but the operation of doubt: every day we have to use a lot of identity information, send express, registration, accreditation, to ensure that the information is not intended to collect, very difficult; and from the end to strengthen law enforcement, law enforcement is facing cost problem. In the Xu Yuyu case, due to inter provincial joint handling, some experts estimate the overall handling cost is much higher than the cheated 9000 yuan. There are media reports, the Shenzhen public security department said that last year from abroad recaptured 39 telecommunications fraud suspects, the average cost of up to 280 thousand yuan after. Of course, the fight against fraud is a matter of principle, life is priceless, but in practice, the cost of detection is a reality can not be considered a bottleneck. Because from the front and end of all existing constraints, from the middle link of interventional technology has become a more practical way. Early warning system of Inner Mongolia public security and communications operators to launch, is undoubtedly a successful example by telephone number markers, both to enhance the public awareness, the implementation cost is also very low, multiplier. In some countries, technology has become the main means to combat telecommunications fraud. For example, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission urged AT& T, apple, Google and other companies jointly develop communication, calling number identification technology to shield the false number; and in Japan, mobile phone maker Fujitsu and Nagoya University has developed a mobile phone conversation analysis function, will often use keywords fraud set to dangerous words, once the call content contained in such words mobile phone, immediately alert and prompt. In fact, many regulatory issues are relying on technological progress to find a solution. For example, in the field of public safety, and how to expand the police can not stare at every corner of society, the camera network can be; in traffic grooming, intelligent traffic lights higher than the traffic police duty. Even after the thief also grasp how big data, may have to have company: analysis of Beijing bus and subway card data, in view of the thief are deliberately detours, frequent access to stations and other anomalies, identify the success rate as high as 92.7%. In the face of a worldwide problem in the fight against telecommunications fraud, perhaps we can also enter one)相关的主题文章: